from by LOUDA



I see you, looking at me
I know you, wish you could reach through and -
Grab me, Pull me
Deep in your shadow

Ill let you show me
Have me
Treat me like you wanna

Just know

Don’t change
Don’t change
Don’t change
For you
Don’t change for them
Be you girl

I see you
Reaching through them trouble waters

And what I'm mean is..

Rearrange for who you wanna be girl
Won't change where you been
came from
Be who you wanna be
You are. Be. Girl.

Remember your city girl
Remember your people
Remember where you going girl
~Where you came from girl

That ground you fell on girl
Where you cut your chin at girl
Where you lost your head at girl

~Where your mind at girl


from LOUDA, released August 1, 2017
Production and Mixing: 20XX
Mastering: Classick Studios 

Album Art: Katie Chung



all rights reserved


LOUDA Chicago, Illinois

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